1. Replacement or upgrade of an existing overhead service cable.

    If your existing overhead service cable is deteriorating or faulty, we can upgrade it to a newer and larger size cable. We can also upgrade from a single-phase cable to a multi-phase one for an increase in voltage load for three-phase air-conditioning, industrial motors, cooling and pump rooms, and home extensions.

  2. Replacement or upgrade of an existing underground service cable.

    For your safety and that of the public, your underground service cable may need to be replaced due to defects or deterioration. We can upgrade to a larger size cable (to handle higher voltages) or upgrade from a single-phase cable to a multi-phase cable for an increase in load requirements. That way you can run your three-phase air-conditioning unit, industrial motors, cool rooms, freezer rooms, or flick the light on/off in your home extension safely.

  3. Installation of a new overhead service cable

    If you require new power supplies to be connected at new business or residential premises, we can help. Don’t worry if the power supplies need to be connected for the first time. We are underground and overhead power line installation and maintenance experts. So, whether you need high or low voltage (LV or HV) power cables to be installed, we can help.

  4. Installation of a new underground service cable with under road bores.

    If installing an overhead service cable is impractical or not permitted, we can help you develop a solution that works. For example, service lines on farms should be installed underground to prevent accidental damage from machinery. Beyond safety, you may also choose to connect an underground service cable for environmental or aesthetic considerations. Whatever your power needs are, we have the experience, workforce, and resources to make that happen safely, and with minimum hassle.

  5. Installation or replacement of service poles.

    If power poles on your private property have deteriorated or become unsafe, we can rectify the situation in line with your needs, budgetary constraints, and safety regulations. If the structure of power supply poles has been compromised (e.g. poles may fall over), you need to resolve the issue without delay. We can also install a new overhead service line or extend an existing service line.

  6. Installation or replacement of customer supply pits or pillars.

    If you need a connection point to a new underground service, or if your existing pit or pillar is damaged or needs to be relocated, we have developed cost-effective solutions to take care of this problem for you. Simply get in touch