1. Upgrade a transformer for power generation.

    If you’re looking to increase power supply on your premises, this service is for you. An increase in the output of voltage might be needed because you’ve added an extra appliance or infrastructure such as cool rooms and industrial motors, pumps, three-phase air conditioning, or home extensions. If your transformer is not big enough to handle the extra power load requirements, we can carry out the necessary upgrades to make your transformer more compatible. If you require a new supply, we can also help. We can also replace single-phase transformers with three-phase transformers.

  2. New overhead high voltage (HV) line construction

    If you require a power supply to a different area or segment of your property or an increase in supply capacity that cannot be satisfied by merely upgrading the on-site transformer, we can build an entirely new line for you. It doesn’t matter how near or far the new high voltage line needs to go–we will get this done for you.

  3. New overhead low voltage (LV) line construction.

    If you would like to extend and connect an existing low voltage (less than 1000 volts) utility to your building, business office, or farm, we can do this cost effectively for you.

  4. New high voltage (HV) underground supply construction.

    If you require a power supply at a different location or require an increase in supply capacity because your current supply has become outdated, we can help. Our customers can often prefer an underground supply as it tends to be safer than the overhead option. It is also more visually appealing and an environmentally sounder alternative. At times, the council may stipulate that you build an underground power supply, so this is not optional. We are experts in both overhead and underground installations, so we’ll work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs and budget.

  5. New low-voltage (LV) underground mains cable supply construction

    If you would like to extend a pre-existing low-voltage utility to enable power supply at your premises, we can help. For safety, aesthetics, and environmental considerations you may prefer the underground option, but we’re happy to discuss more cost-effective alternatives with you.

  6. Temporary or permanent relocation of an existing essential energy asset.

    If you’re supervising or managing a project where an energy utility or asset needs to be relocated for civil works to be carried out (e.g. road widening, reconstruction works), we can help. Sometimes an existing power supplies asset or utility prevents the project from being carried out, and so it needs to be safely and efficiently relocated we’ll take care of this for you.

  7. Replacing or removing existing power line poles.

    If you have private power lines on your farm, business premises, or property that need to be replaced or decommissioned, we have the experience and resource capabilities to replace or remove existing power lines quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

  8. Installation of electrical infrastructure for new underground estates.

    If you’re a property developer or engineering consultant needing new underground infrastructure to be installed to supply each lot on your estate, we can help. Whether you require high voltage (HV) underground cables, transformers, low voltage (LV) service cables, and public light poles, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to make that happen.